'The Interview' Released, Charlie Brown's Milestone

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title: 'The Interview' Met With Sold Out Crowds

text: Even though "The Interview" was shown in just a tenth of the number of screens it was supposed to -- dropping from 3,000 to 300 theaters -- that didn't stop it from bringing in the crowds.

"We are taking a stand for freedom," Cinema Village East manager Lee Peterson in Manhattan told The Associated Press. Most of his theater's seven screenings had sold out early.

The patriotic message was loud and clear at Atlanta's Plaza Theater, where the packed crowd had a boisterous sing along to "God Bless America" before the opening credits, the AP reported.



title: Circus Tries to Pass off Pups as Pandas

Dozens of people reportedly paid to pose for pictures with the cute "pandas" -- with one male and one female -- both less than 6 months old.



title:Charlie Brown's Christmas Hits a Milestone

text:While Charlie Brown hasn't grown any older or grown any more hair, the character's beloved animated classic is entering its 50th year.

The story of a great holiday, a group of confused kids, a tiny tree and a big message tells how Charlie Brown tries to teach his pals that the holiday is about much more than materialism.

The Christmas special debuted in December 1965 so though it isn't quite hitting the half-century mark, today is the start of that milestone year.