2016-17 NFL playoffs, Super Bowl LI coverage and schedule

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The 2016 regular season is over, which means the 2017 playoffs -- and the race to Super Bowl LI -- have begun. Rookie quarterback Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys are the No. 1 seed in the NFC, while Tom Brady and the Patriots are the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

From the wild-card round through Super Bowl LI -- which is Sunday, Feb. 5, at NRG Stadium in Houston -- ESPN.com has you covered.

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AFC wild card

No. 6  Miami Dolphins at No. 3  Pittsburgh Steelers

Saturday, Jan. 7 or Sunday, Jan. 8 | Time/TV: TBD

  • Steelers' playoff tuneup a near-loss to Browns but a win for health
  • Patriots expose several playoff concerns for the Dolphins
  • No. 5: Oakland Raiders at No. 4  Houston Texans

    Saturday, Jan. 7 or Sunday, Jan. 8 | Time/TV: TBD

  • Raiders' QB woes portend potential short playoff stay
  • Whether it's Brock Osweiler or Tom Savage, Texans' offense hardly looks ready for playoffs
  • NFC wild card

    No. 6: Green Bay Packers OR Detroit Lions at No. 3: Seattle Seahawks

    Saturday, Jan. 7 or Sunday, Jan. 8 | Time/TV: TBD

  • Seahawks' postseason hopes rest on Russell Wilson's arm
  • No. 5: New York Giants at No. 4: Green Bay Packers or Detroit Lions

    Saturday, Jan. 7 or Sunday, Jan. 8 | Time/TV: TBD

  • Giants should feel good about themselves heading into playoffs
  • Teams with first-round byes

    No. 1: New England Patriots

  • Michael Floyd's sudden impact will benefit Patriots in playoffs
  • How about love for O-linemen? Nate Solder a good comeback candidate
  • Chiefs get AFC West title -- and the bounty goes with it
  • How the Chiefs have built Travis Kelce into the top tight end in football
  • NFC

    No. 1: Dallas Cowboys

  • Cowboys end season with loss, but Tony Romo TD pass a highlight
  • Barry Church's return has sparked Cowboys defense
  • Morris Claiborne eyeing return for divisional round of playoffs
  • Matt Ryan, offense look unstoppable going into playoffs
  • Part of reason Falcons defense is playoff-ready? Matt Ryan, offense