64-acre park in Boston bans all things 'Philadelphia-themed' ahead of Super Bowl

A Boston park bans all things Philly, from Will Smith to cheesesteak.

— -- The Charles River Esplanade Association set a few rules Tuesday for the 64-acre park that runs along the river's shore in Boston. The theme? Nothing Philadelphia.

The New England Patriots face the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4 in Minneapolis.

The ban includes everything from Philadelphia cream cheese to the Fresh Prince. And don’t get any ideas Eagles fans –- even if the Eagles do win, there will be no victory laps around the park to Rocky’s iconic theme-song, “Gonna Fly Now.” That is just not going to fly –- at least not until the day after the Super Bowl.

“We realized that appearing in a Super Bowl for only the third time -– and first time since losing to the Patriots in 2005 –- was disorienting for Philadelphia fans and that clarity on acceptable items to bring in our park should be offered,” said Michael Nichols, executive director of the Esplanade Association.

The Esplanade Association is not the only ones getting in on the sports rivalry. In Philadelphia, Dottie’s Donuts posted on their Facebook page that all “New England-themed” donuts were going to be unavailable until after the Super Bowl. Boston creams will be replaced by the shop’s cookies and cream donuts.

Here is a list of all things Philadelphia that have been banned from the Charles River Esplanade: