Aaron Hernandez Probers Subpoena Miami Dolphins Center

Police want to talk to Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey about 2012 murders.

ByABC News
October 28, 2013, 1:45 PM

Oct. 28, 2013— -- Police in Massachusetts want to question Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey in connection with an ongoing investigation into disgraced NFL star Aaron Hernandez, ABC News has learned.

Pouncey was slapped with a grand jury subpoena less than an hour after Hernandez's former team, the New England Patriots, defeated the Dolphins 27-17 at Gillette Stadium Sunday afternoon.

Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene told ESPN, "We don't have a comment. Thanks."

A source briefed on the case said Pouncey was subpoenaed as part of the ongoing investigation into a July 2012 double killing in Boston. Hernandez is a target of that investigation, which stems from a drive-by shooting that occurred shortly after Hernandez was seen in an altercation at a nearby night club.

Hernandez has already been charged with murder in a separate case -- the June 2013 killing of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd outside of Boston.

Pouncey is a close friend of Hernandez since the two played college ball together at the University of Florida.

This is not the first time Pouncey has found himself the subject of police curiosity in connection with guns and his buddy Hernandez. According to police reports obtained by ABC News, Pouncey, his brother Lashawn Maurkice Pouncey, a center for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Reggie Nelson, a safety for the Cincinnati Bengals, were all interviewed by Gainesville, Fla., police after they were identified as suspects in a shooting that left two men seriously injured in 2007.

The Sept. 30, 2007, shooting occurred in the hours after the Florida Gators lost to Auburn. The incident was prompted, according to the police reports, by a chain-snatching at The Venue, a nightclub popular with Florida students.

Cops said one of the Pouncey brothers had the chain ripped away in a typical "chaining" – a popular gang tactic of ripping a large gold chain off someone's neck. That led to an argument inside the club.

Nelson had played for the Gators before joining the NFL. He was with the Jacksonville Jaguars at the time. Nelson "had originally been implicated in the shooting by a witness,'' according to a Gainesville Police Department report. He told police he "arrived Venue last night around midnight. They saw the Pouncey twins. They were with Aaron Hernandez."

Hernandez told Nelson "one of the twins had his necklace snatched by Randall Cason." The report went on to say: "Nelson went over to speak with Cason. They discussed the stolen necklace."

A short time later, Cason and two friends climbed into a Ford Crown Victoria, according to police. He told cops Nelson and "the Hawaiian with a lot of tattoos" walked up to their car and "fired five quick shots,'' according to the report. The "Hawaiian" was later identified as Hernandez.

The driver, Cory Smith, was shot in the head. The passenger, Justin Glass, was shot in the arm.

No one was charged in the incident after Cason later recanted what he told police.

It's unclear when Pouncey is supposed to appear before the Massachusetts grand jury now looking into the 2012 case.

Hernandez is being held without bail in a segregated until at Bristol County jail.