Alvin Kamara jokes about starting 'GoFundMe' page if league fines him for Christmas cleats

— -- NEW ORLEANS --? New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara was willing to risk a fine from the "Grinch" by wearing a pair of red Christmas-themed cleats on Sunday designed to look like Christmas stockings.

It's against NFL rules for players to wears cleats that don't match their team colors, so a fine is likely coming -- though the league had not confirmed that as of Sunday afternoon.

"I just feel like it's Christmas, everybody's in the Christmas spirit, so why not? Hopefully they don't do me too bad," Kamara said before teammate Mark Ingram chimed in from the next locker.

"If they fine him, they're the Grinch," Ingram said, with Kamara agreeing. "Don't be the Grinch. Do not be the Grinch."

Kamara joked that he will start a "GoFundMe" page if he does get fined.

"If the league wants to be the Grinch, I'll take it," Kamara said. "Whatever I get from the GoFundMe, I'll pay the fine and then donate the rest to charity."