Billy Corgan: "Nothing you or God can do to stop" Vince McMahon from buying TNA

— -- With the impending sale of TNA Impact Wrestling and the status of Sunday's Bound For Glory pay-per-view card still unresolved, minority owner and creative lead Billy Corgan is hoping for a miracle.

Corgan, the iconic frontman of The Smashing Pumpkins who joined TNA in 2015 and was later elevated to president in August, was a guest on The Dan Le Batard Show on Thursday.

"We have been in the same situation the last three times we have done this and we have had a 'Music City Miracle' three times in a row, so I am kind of counting on a fourth one," Corgan said. "I don't expect anybody is going to do anything too ridiculous to make sure that [Sunday's PPV] doesn't happen. It would put a lot of people out of work."

Corgan has been forced to personally finance the past three rounds of TV tapings at the last minute as TNA continues to face financial trouble. He is hoping to resolve that issue with a new vision for the company, provided he can purchase it from Dixie Carter, who had previously run TNA since 2003.

There remain multiple suitors at the negotiating table, however, with Corgan acknowledging rumors that industry-leading WWE is among the potential buyers. So how does one go about winning a bidding war against Vince McMahon?

"Well you don't, and I think that's the simplest part of the equation," Corgan said. "If Mr. McMahon wants to buy the company, there is nothing you or God can do to stop him. So there's that. But outside of that, which as of this moment that has not happened or doesn't appear to be happening, I think I would know because I have a piece of the company and so I would have to be informed of that -- or at least would hope to be informed of that."

Corgan calls the current negotiations "a serious fight" for who is going to end up with majority ownership, saying, "Everybody has got the gun out and no one seems to know what to do."

While Corgan has a large vision for the future, he admits it's just a lot of talk unless he can gather the proper resources.

"I think you need consistent capital, that has been a plague of the company for a long time," Corgan said. "You don't have a consistent resource so you can't make consistent decisions."

TNA champion Bobby Lashley, who is scheduled to headline Sunday's PPV card against Ethan Carter III, told on Thursday he has a backup plan in place regarding his travel should the card get cancelled. But, as of now, his plane ticket to Orlando, Florida, is still valid.

"As far as I know, I'm supposed to be doing a match Sunday and if anything changes up until then, it's no big deal," said Lashley. "I want to be wrestling and I want TNA to stay alive because it has been a great program for me up to this point."