Brandon Marshall rips Dominic Raiola

— -- Brandon Marshall blasted Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola on Monday, calling him "a dirty player and a worse human being" for stomping on Ego Ferguson's ankle during Sunday's game.

Marshall also recounted a past incident in which Raiola allegedly poked fun at the receiver's mental health issues.

The NFL suspended Raiola for one game without pay for violating the NFL's safety-related rules, but to Marshall that punishment is insufficient.

"This guy is a dirty player, and he's a worse human being," Marshall said during "The Brandon Marshall Show" on ESPN 1000. "He has no respect for himself, and [a] one-game [suspension] is freaking terrible. This was clear. This was clear. This guy literally jumped and stomped on this guy's ankle. And we give him one game? A game that means nothing to them; means nothing to them."

Marshall came under fire last November for calling Detroit "the little brother that kind of grew up a little bit." On Monday, Marshall claimed those remarks came as the result of a pre-game incident in which Raiola made light of the receiver's battles with mental illness.

Marshall was diagnosed in 2011 with borderline personality disorder.

"See, a lot of people [ask], 'Why do you call Detroit [Chicago's] little brother?'" Marshall explained. "I apologize again, Detroit. I retract that statement. But I was really mad at him because in the game, I'm just warming up. I'm just standing there. He's like, 'Go take your medicine. Go do this you freaking weirdo, you freaking crazy guy. Go take your medicine.'

"Before the game. ... Like bro, we play football and I understand we're rivals. But at the end of the day, this is a brotherhood. We're all men here. This is only a platform for us to be better. You're sitting here being defined by this sport. It's terrible."

Marshall, who is currently on injured reserve after breaking two ribs and puncturing a lung during a Dec. 4 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, finished the season with fewer than 1,000 yards receiving for the first time since his rookie season (2006).

Marshall believes Raiola should be banned from the NFL.

"It should not be allowed. It's ridiculous," Marshall said. "He shouldn't be allowed in the NFL. He should be banned from the NFL."