Cleveland Paper Hiring a LeBron James Beat Reporter

Calling all NBA fans! This could be your dream job.

— -- A Cleveland newspaper is hiring a sports reporter to cover just one topic: King James.

The job ad alone proves just how excited Ohio fans are about LeBron James' return to the Cleveland Cavaliers -- enough to warrant creating a position for a journalist whose only job is know anything and everything about the NBA superstar.

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LeBron James Rejoins the Cleveland Cavaliers

"You'll be the expert on LeBron James and what he means to Northeast Ohio, working from home, the road, coffee shops and our Cleveland office, analyzing and reporting on James' personal sports statistics, his mentoring of younger players and his relationship with his coaches as well as his non-basketball forays in business, entertainment and other enterprises," reads a description posted on the website for the Northeast Ohio Media Group, which represents the The Plain Dealer newspaper and

Of course, eligible applicants should expect to work flexible schedules including nights and weekends -- especially during basketball season -- and follow the star as he jets across the nation for games in his new uniform. And because the gig doesn't necessarily grant one-on-one access to James, you'll need to be "resourceful in finding information about a sports star who is often inaccessible."

The job calls for five or more years of reporting experience at a daily newspaper. ABC News has reached out to the newspaper to find out how many applications it has received.