College GameDay sign pays off in big way for one fan

— -- When one fan showed up in Bristol, Tennessee, for College GameDay, he probably didn't imagine how profitable his day would become -- all thanks to a sign and the power of the internet.

Payments from all across the country started pouring in to the Venmo account -- listed as belonging to a Sam Crowder -- as soon as the sign was shown on the GameDay broadcast, and continued to flow as his sign went viral on social media. He confirmed to GameDay that more than 200 payments had arrived before the end of the broadcast, and his account was still showing incoming activity hours later.

In light of the wildly successful stunt, Venmo deposited $50 into Crowder's account, saying to ESPN, "Cheers to Sam Crowder. He created the perfect sign to inspire his friends to contribute to his beer fund. To recognize this ingenuity, the Venmo team has ponied up $50 for the cause. Next round's on us. Well played, sir. Well played."

That $50 donation will cover the cost of seven 16-ounce Budweisers, which are being sold for $7 each at Saturday's game between Virginia Tech and Tennessee.

There's still no word on whether Crowder's mother has sent him any beer money yet.