The Conversation: Cleveland Fan on LeBron James Playing for NBA Championship

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Tonight, the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks continue their battle for a National Basketball Association Championship on ABC at 9 p.m. ET, but as LeBron James seeks a ring with Miami, what do jilted Cleveland fans think of him closing in on championship glory while playing for a different team?

Former LeBron James fans in Cleveland famously burned his jerseys and paraphernalia after the superstar's televised infamous decision to sign a contract with the Miami Heat.

One Cleveland fan in particular stood above the rest for his utter devotion to the power forward then mulling his future. Brandon George launched a website called, for which he performed 23 humiliating challenges to prove his die-hard love for James and keep him in Cleveland until he won a title for the woe-begotten Cleveland Cavaliers.

Some of the more notable things that George did:

Hot waxed his entire chest.

Brushed his teeth with Dave's Insanity Hot Sauce.

Got slapped in the face by 23 women.

Shaved a 23 into the side of his head.

Did 23 belly flops in a row.

"The only thing I do regret is eating 23 deviled eggs because that was the most miserable thing I've done in my entire life," George told ABC News. "Other than that, I honestly enjoyed it, and I just wanted to have a little fun with something that people were taking really seriously. You can't help but laugh when you see someone get their chest waxed or get slapped by 23 women."

After James decided to go to Miami, George struck back with a new site,, where he pulls practical jokes on the star, including donating all of his jerseys to charity and mailing the star housewarming postcards at his Miami address.

"I'm not as bitter as I once was," he told ABC News. "I mean, I did donate all my LeBron gear, as soon as it happened, to goodwill. But at the same time, I've had enough time where I almost feel bad for the guy. I just wish he made a better decision because he is such a good player."

Watch "The Conversation" with Brandon George to find out more about the stunts he pulled, his prediction for the championship and where his loyalties lie now.

ABC News' Terrence Kiff contributed to this article.