David Price doesn't want to pitch in 2018 All-Star Game

David Price is pitching like an All-Star lately but he has no interest in being one this year, even going as far as joking he'd "play a lot of Fortnite" to get out of pitching.

The Red Sox left-hander is 6-0 in his past seven starts and has allowed two or fewer runs in all but one of those outings. The five-time All-Star last was selected for the Midsummer Classic in 2015.

Houston Astros manager A.J. Hinch will be managing the American League squad, which will be constructed through fan and player voting and some selections from Hinch himself.

"I feel like if he did (select me), it would just be to get me to throw an extra inning," Price said Tuesday, according to the Boston Herald. "And that would be a pretty pro move on his part. I'll come up with something, if I am an All-Star, so I won't have to pitch. I'll play a lot of Fortnite the night before, so I'll be down (unavailable)."

Price was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome earlier this season and it was speculated that Price's video game habit was to blame. He said in May that that while video games might have contributed to his carpal tunnel, they were not to blame for the origin of the swelling in his left thumb, index finger and middle finger. He said he'd stop playing Fortnite at the park to limit the distraction it caused.

Price named several other Red Sox pitchers who are more deserving of an All-Star nod than he is, starting with Chris Sale.

"I ain't going. I'm not an All-Star. Craig Kimbrel is gonna get his, I didn't vote for Craig because he's Craig Kimbrel, he's going to get his votes. I voted for Joe Kelly and Matt Barnes. Actually I did vote for Craig. Joe, Barnes and Craig. Craig doesn't need votes. His name is going to get him in," he said, according to the Herald.