Deflate-gate: Longtime Tom Brady Teammate Vince Wilfork Stands by Quarterback

Vince Wilfork came to Brady's defense days after saving woman from flipped car.

Wilfork, 33, has played with Brady since 2004.

"Tom is a big boy,” Wilfork told reporters today. “He knows how to handle all situations, so he’ll handle this with class like he always does, negative or positive. He will handle it with class. That’s one thing that makes him so great -- is how he handles himself on the field and off the field. For him to be attacked the way he did, trust me we’ve been attacked plenty of times around here, individually and as an organization -- as a team. It’s not our first rodeo.”

Troopers found a 2015 Jeep Wrangler rolled onto its side.

Wilfork, who helped pull the driver from the flipped car with one hand, said his assistance “wasn’t a big deal.”

“I asked her was she okay, can she move, can she grab my hand, and kind of talked her through getting up and I actually pulled her out of the window,” Wilfork told reporters. “I actually opened up the door and pulled her out. It wasn’t a big deal. ... like I said, just seeing somebody that needed help and helped them.”