This Is the Domestic Violence Video NFL Owners Watched

PHOTO: Joe Ehrmann speaks during a new video that was released to NFL owners on Oct. 8, 2014. PlayNFL
WATCH NFL Domestic Violence Presentation: 'This Is an Opportunity'

NFL team owners and executives were shown a video starring former linebacker Joe Ehrmann to kick off the league's domestic violence and sexual assault education session today.

In the video obtained by ABC News, Ehrmann asks men to think about how they would act if another man sexually, physically or verbally assaulted a woman they loved, encouraging them to raise a generation of men who "have the moral courage to call out other men."

"What's a team? A team is nothing more than a set of relationships for a cause," he said. "But every team is built on the trust the respect, the integrity and the dignity of ever team member."

The anti-violence session will be rolled out to all 32 teams over the coming weeks.