Ford's Big Board 9.0: Who's moving up, down in NBA draft rankings?

— -- How is the new top 30 shaping up?

Our board has the latest intel on how NBA teams see the top draft prospects, based on conversations with general managers and scouts.

With less than three weeks to go before the draft, it is still a challenge to come up with a consensus ranking. Teams remain all over the place on their respective boards.

Draft workouts and interviews are in full swing. Although performance on the court can have a small effect on a player's final rating on each team's draft board, it's the performance in interviews that often seals the deal.

Here are the latest draft prospect rankings:

1. Ben Simmons

Previous rank: No. 1

Simmons has spent the past two months out of the spotlight working on his game in Cleveland. The no-distractions move appears to be paying off.

I was in Cleveland last week at one of his private workouts. He has added strength, improved his jump shot and worked hard to prepare for summer league.

The Sixers remain very high on Simmons even though he hasn't given them (or anyone else) the chance to work him out. If the draft were held today, he'd be Philly's choice.

2. Brandon Ingram

Previous rank: No. 2

Ingram has been in New York working out in preparation for the draft.

When I caught up with him right before the lottery, I was really impressed with how his jumper was coming along. The transition from the college 3 to the NBA line is often challenging, but Ingram seems to be making the move effortlessly.

His physique is still a major work in progress, though. He's a wiry kind of strong but clearly needs to continue to fill out.

While there appears to be a gap between him and Simmons for the No. 1 pick, if Simmons continues to refuse to work out in front of scouts, a switch is possible. Much more likely, though, Ingram will go No. 2 to the Lakers. From what I can gather, Simmons and Ingram are the only two guys on their board.

3. Jamal Murray

Previous rank: No. 3

Murray brings two things to the table that NBA teams are really looking for: shooting (and he was absolutely lights-out shooting the NBA 3 in a workout I saw in New York) and positional versatility. More and more coaches want players whom they can plug and play at different positions, and most teams feel confident that Murray can play and excel at both the 1 and the 2.

His age (19) and that versatility give him the slightest of nods over Kris Dunn. He should end up in the No. 3-8 range. The Celtics, Wolves, Pelicans and Kings have the most interest.

4. Kris Dunn

Previous rank: No. 4

Dunn really ranks as 3B on our Big Board. Although Murray brings shooting and versatility, Dunn's athleticism, defensive ability and floor vision make him the favorite of teams that want an instant-impact point guard who can lock down other opponents and run a team.

His so-so jump shot, lack of aggressiveness scoring and age (22) are his biggest question marks. He's in the same No. 3-8 range as Murray, and the same teams -- Celtics, Wolves, Pelicans and Kings -- are the most likely destinations.

5. Dragan Bender

Previous rank: No. 5
Age: 18

Teams have been traveling to Tel Aviv, Israel, to catch Bender and are hoping that he'll get over to the U.S. for at least a week to conduct workouts here.

While his play in games has been sporadic, the chance to see him in practice and workouts abroad has been telling. Some are convinced he's the third-best player in the draft. Others feel like he's a pretty big gamble when there are, in their opinion, more proven American players on the board.

He could go as high as No. 3 and as low as No. 9. The Celtics, Suns, Wolves, Pelicans, Nuggets, Kings and Raptors all have interest.

6. Marquese Chriss

Previous rank: No. 8

Chriss has been in our top eight for the past few months. His combination of size, athleticism, shooting ability and shot blocking is rare.

While he's still a major work in progress, the upside makes him incredibly attractive to teams outside the top two trying to hit a home run in this draft. The Celtics, Suns, Wolves, Pelicans, Nuggets, Kings and Raptors all have strong interest, putting his range at No. 3-9.

7. Buddy Hield

Previous rank: No. 6

Hield may be the best shooter in the draft, but the shine from his terrific senior season is beginning to wear off slightly as teams come to grip with the idea that he's undersized (6-foot-5, 212 pounds), he's not an elite athlete and he may be a bit one-dimensional. Upside is so valuable in the top five, and while Hield possesses enormous talent, most teams don't see a lot of upside left for the 22-year-old.

His range probably starts at the Wolves at No. 5. The Pelicans have strong interest at No. 6, and I don't think he'll slide past the Kings at No. 8.

8. Jaylen Brown

Previous rank: No. 10

Brown's quirky personality hasn't done his draft stock any favors. Nor did his play on the court at the end of the season for Cal.

But he's starting to rise a bit now in workouts as teams realize that his athleticism and NBA-ready body could give him more upside than most of the players who will be left on the board.

If his game can catch up to his physical tools, he'll be very difficult to handle in the NBA. That's a big if, but it's a bet that some teams may be inclined to make.

Brown has the widest range in our top 10. He could go as high as No. 3 or slip into the teens. The Celtics, Suns, Pelicans, Nuggets and Kings will all give him looks in the top 10.

9. Dejounte Murray

Previous rank: No. 19

Murray would be the biggest gamble in our top 10, but every time you watch him play, he seems worth it.

He's a tough guard with elite size for the position who can get to the basket with a quick first step. He also sees the floor well. His lack of a consistent jump shot and a high turnover rate are the only things keeping him from passing Dunn on our board.

But the race gets much closer when you watch tape of Dunn at 19 and Murray at 19, as scouts are doing now. Murray is significantly better than Dunn was at the same age. He has the most upside of any point guard in the draft.

He's now in the No. 8-17 range. The Kings, Bucks, Jazz, Bulls or Grizzlies seem like his most likely destination on draft night.

10. Domantas Sabonis

Previous rank: No. 15

Sabonis really helped his cause at a pro day in Los Angeles two weeks ago. Allowed to show skills outside Gonzaga's structured offense, Sabonis did two things that really sold scouts -- he shot it very well from beyond the arc (a shot he rarely took in college) and showed off some explosiveness athletically. Those are the two biggest knocks on Sabonis' game. If he can improve those, he should be a terrific pick.

Based on my conversation with teams in Las Vegas, he's looking more and more like a lottery pick, starting as high as the Kings at No. 8, the Raptors at No. 9, the Bucks at No. 10 and the Magic at No. 11. The Suns at No. 13 and Bulls at No. 14 are also possibilities in the late lottery.

In the middle of the first round, the Celtics, Grizzlies, Pistons and Pacers all seem like potential homes. Look for him to land in the No. 8-20 range.

11. Henry Ellenson

Previous rank: No. 7

Ellenson's ability to stretch the floor at his size brings major appeal, although scouts openly question just how great a shooter he really is.

He shot the ball extremely well at a workout that I saw last week, and his midrange game is the best among the stretch 4s in the draft.

His lack of explosive athleticism limits his upside somewhat, but Ellenson has the tools to be a terrific NBA stretch big.

The Wolves, Pelicans, Raptors, Bucks and Magic are all possible landing spots for him.

12. Jakob Poeltl

Previous rank: No. 9

Poeltl is the best center prospect in the draft, although in an era of small ball, that doesn't mean as much as it used to.

He's very skilled, but his lack of strength and questions about his ability to stretch the floor limit teams' enthusiasm.

He has a pretty narrow draft range of No. 9-13, with the Raptors, Bucks, Magic, Jazz and Suns all showing interest.

13. Skal Labissiere

Previous rank: No. 15

Labissiere is doing his best to shake off a very rocky freshman season at Kentucky. He generally played to positive reviews in a workout for scouts this past weekend.

His ability to shoot the ball and play in the paint makes him a very attractive option for a team that's willing to take a risk.

Whether he has the toughness or feel for the game to be a meaningful contributor in the NBA is very much up for debate. But at this point in the draft, he's probably worth the risk.

The Nuggets, Raptors, Bucks, Magic, Jazz and Suns are all showing interest, putting him in the No. 7-13 range.

14. Furkan Korkmaz

Previous rank: No. 12
Age: 18

Korkmaz remains the consensus second-best international prospect in the draft behind Bender. His shooting ability and international experience at Efes make him an attractive option. So does the flexibility that comes with being able to either stash him or bring him over this year.

The Kings, Raptors, Bucks, Jazz, Suns, Nuggets and Celtics are all looking at him. If he can't get a commitment in that range, though, he could pull out of this year's draft and try again next year.

15. Malachi Richardson

Previous rank: No. 13

Richardson drew very positive reviews from scouts in a big workout in Las Vegas for multiple NBA teams on Tuesday. He has terrific size for his position, a quick first step and he really shot the ball well from 3 in the workout.

The consensus really starts to break down when you get to this point in the draft, leaving a lot of doubt around players like Richardson who aren't surefire lottery picks.

Teams as high as the Jazz at No. 12, Suns at No. 13, Celtics at No. 16 and Pacers at No. 20 are interested in him. The Sixers have a lot of interest with both their No. 24 and No. 26 picks if he slides.

16. Deyonta Davis

Previous rank: No. 16
Michigan State

Davis has all the physical tools to be a terrific low-post defender in the NBA. Does he have the offensive tools to make him a lottery pick? That's the question right now.

Again, it depends on whom you ask. The Magic, Suns and Bulls all have interest in the late lottery. But he could also slide into the 20s, where teams like the Hawks and Celtics could grab him.

17. Malik Beasley

Previous rank: No. 18
Florida State

Beasley is crossing his fingers that in a league that's hungry for elite shooters, teams will look past the fact that he's undersized (6-foot-4.5, 190 pounds) for a 2-guard and focus on his deep range and athleticism.

Working against him? He just had surgery three weeks ago to repair a stress fracture in his right leg. While he was able to do shooting drills at a workout in Vegas on Tuesday, he won't be able to play against other prospects before the draft and may not be ready for full 5-on-5 until training camp. That might hurt him a bit on draft night. If he falls, there's the reason.

Because every team needs shooting, it's hard to say who isn't interested. The Bucks at No. 10, Jazz at No. 12, Bulls at No. 14, Celtics at No. 16 and Grizzlies at No. 17 are on the high end. The Hornets at No. 22 and Sixers at No. 24 round out the low end.

That's a range of No. 10-24, which sums up the parity of the draft right now.

18. Wade Baldwin IV

Previous rank: No. 20

Baldwin is already starting to receive some positive reviews in workouts. He has elite size, length and strength. He's a good shooter and athlete. It's his on-court decision-making and leadership at the point that are issues.

His ceiling is probably the Jazz at No. 12 or the Bulls at No. 14, with a floor that dips all the way into the mid-20s with the Clippers.

19. Thon Maker

Previous rank: No. 24
Age: 19

Maker is the biggest mystery in the draft. He drew strong reviews from teams at a group workout in New York a couple of weeks ago, and the skepticism about him seems to be waning, especially among teams that think his long-term position in the NBA is the 5.

Finding his draft range right now is challenging. There's a lot of interest, but few teams are willing to commit.

The Bucks are probably his ceiling at No. 10. Then, every team that has multiple first-rounders -- Phoenix, Denver, Boston and Philly -- is a good possibility. Detroit is another dark horse for Maker. The Pistons feel like they're in a position to take a swing at someone with major upside at No. 18.

No. 10 to the second round seems like a huge range, but it's where Maker stands.

20. DeAndre Bembry

Previous rank: No. 21
St. Joseph's

Bembry continues to draw praise from every team that sees him. In a draft filled with "potential," there are few players who can actually play the game as well as he can.

And the more teams watch the playoffs, the more passing becomes a coveted skill. Next to Simmons, he's the best passing non-point guard in the draft.

The Jazz, Suns, Bulls, Celtics, Grizzlies, Nuggets, Hawks and Clippers appear to be the most interested suitors, putting him in the No. 12-25 range.

21. Ante Zizic

Previous rank: No. 22
Age: 19

Zizic has a couple of things working in his favor. One, he's having a great season for Cibona in the Croatian league, averaging 17.7 PPG, 10.2 RPG and 1.3 BPG in 28 MPG. Two, there are four teams with multiple first-round picks in the draft.

If they can't trade them, draft-and-stash is a very good alternative. That puts the Suns, Nuggets, Celtics and Raptors as likely candidates in the No. 13-27 range.

22. Denzel Valentine

Previous rank: No. 14
Michigan State

Valentine has been flirting with being a late lottery selection for the past few months, but there seems to be a slight cooling effect lately as teams start to get more excited by the idea of upside than they are by Valentine's proven ability.

The Jazz, Suns and Bulls all like him in the late lottery. But if he slid to the Pistons at No. 18, Pacers at No. 20, Hawks at No. 21 or Hornets at No. 22, it wouldn't shock me.

23. Tyler Ulis

Previous rank: No. 17

I'm a huge Ulis fan, but the number of teams willing to draft him in the late lottery to mid-first round seems to be shrinking as upside triumphs production at this stage of the draft.

Ulis has also suffered from the workout process, as many pass-first point guards do. It's not ideal for a player like him who thrives in real 5-on-5 action.

The Bulls at No. 14, Pistons at No. 18, Pacers at No. 20, Sixers at No. 24 and Clippers at No. 25 appear to be the best fits.

24. Damian Jones

Previous rank: N/A

Jones looks the part of an NBA lottery pick. Blessed with size and elite athleticism, he could easily end up going that high.

But teams worry about his lack of production at Vanderbilt -- combined with a reputation of being almost too nice.

The Bulls at No. 14, Celtics at No. 16, Hawks at No. 21, Celtics at No. 23 and Warriors at No. 30 seem like the best bets for him.

25. Ivica Zubac

Previous rank: No. 25
Age: 19

Zubac has a lot of fans, and on some boards he's ahead of Zizic among centers.

Zubac's offensive potential at his size is his biggest appeal.

The Bulls at No. 14, Grizzlies at No. 17, Hawks at No. 21, Celtics at No. 23 and Spurs at No. 29 are all possibilities.

26. Demetrius Jackson

Previous rank: No. 23
Notre Dame

Jackson continues the trend of prospects who could go in the late lottery or in the late first round.

His athleticism, ability to play at both ends of the floor and toughness all bring major appeal, although his lack of size and aggressiveness offensively hurts him somewhat.

The Bulls at No. 14, Grizzlies at No. 17, Pistons at No. 18, Hornets at No. 22, Sixers at No. 24 and Clippers at No. 25 are all in the picture.

27. Cheick Diallo

Previous rank: No. 28

Diallo is really hard to place right now and may make a major jump leading up to the draft. He was originally No. 10 on our Big Board in July. After not getting real minutes at Kansas this year, he's helped himself a lot in workouts over the past few weeks.

His motor and athleticism are great for a big his size, and he's showing more and more potential offensively.

The Celtics at No. 16 and No. 23, Pistons at No. 18, Hawks at No. 21 and Raptors at No. 27 all are potential spots for him.

28. Juan Hernangomez

Previous rank: No. 29
Age: 20

Hernangomez impressed NBA teams with a workout in Florida over the weekend.

Since so many teams with multiple picks, draft-and-stash guys are going to be very popular in the 20s and Hernangomez's ability to stretch the floor makes him worthy of a first-round selection.

29. Ben Bentil

Previous rank: No. 26

Bentil's ability to stretch the floor and score anywhere is a major plus for him. He's a bit undersized and may try to shoot too much, but there just aren't that many players with his offensive polish and size in the draft.

Between the Pistons at No. 18, Celtics at No. 23, Raptors at No. 27, Suns at No. 28, Spurs at No. 29 and Warriors at No. 30, one could call his name on draft night.

30. Guerschon Yabusele

Previous rank: N/A
Age: 20

Yabusele has been really good in workouts, and with so many teams in the late teens and 20s looking to stash picks, he has a really good shot at the first round. Players with his strength, athleticism and skill are hard to come by.

The Nuggets at No. 19, Celtics at No. 23, Sixers at No. 24 and No. 26, Raptors at No. 27, Spurs at No. 29 and Warriors at No. 30 could all grab him in the first round.

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