Golden State Warriors Reach NBA Finals for First Time Since 1975

A lot changed in the forty years since the Warriors made the NBA Finals.

In a major upset that year, the Warriors swept the Bullets in four games with the help of Jamaal Wilkes and Rick Barry. Though the Warriors' home court was Oakland Arena, their home games that week were played at the Cow Palace in Daly City due to scheduling conflicts.

While NBA fans were attentively following the 1975 Eastern Conference between Washington and Boston, an retrospective summary states: "The Golden State Warriors had trudged along to an undistinguished 48 wins and the regular-season crown. Their progress wasn't exactly silent; it just seemed that way back east."

"I guess no one took us very seriously," Warriors coach Al Attles said at the time.

Here's what life was like the last time the Warriors made the NBA Finals:

1. The Corleones Ruled

2. Easy Listening

In 1975, "Love Will Keep Us Together" by Captain & Tennille was a Billboard "Hot 100" single, before it won the Grammy for "Record of the Year" the following year.

3. Gas Under a Buck

4. President Ford

5. Warriors Were Underdogs

The 1975 NBA Finals was the first championship series or game of the four major professional sports leagues that featured two African-American head coaches. Al Attles led the Warriors, while K.C. Jones coached the Bullets.

When the Warriors arrived in San Francisco to celebrate their victory, more than 3,000 fans jammed the airport gate to greet the team.

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