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Jamaal CharlesChip Litherland for ESPN

CHIEFS RUNNING BACK Jamaal Charles has accounted for a league-high 35 percent of his team's yards from scrimmage (through Week 11), nearly 5 percent more than anyone else. We turned to ESPN Sport Science to find out what makes the workhorse run.


Best 100-meter time Charles ran at Texas. It would have met the 2012 U.S. Olympic qualifying standard.


Peak power, in watts, Charles can generate in a single burst. That's enough wattage to power a lighthouse.


Seconds it took Charles to complete the Game Changer Test, requiring three sharp cuts as fast as possible. He's the fastest-cutting athlete Sport Science has ever tested.


Number of g's Charles experiences exploding out of a cut. The average RB cuts with about 3 g's, equivalent to what astronauts experience during shuttle launches.


Speed, in mph, Charles can reach on the field. By comparison, Sport Science tracked Adrian Peterson at a top speed of 21.8 mph this year.


Estimated percentage of fast-twitch muscles in Charles' body. The average human has a fast-twitch percentage of 50.


Estimated cumulative pounds of force Charles will feel while being tackled this season, based on a conservative estimate of 350 tackles at 1,800 pounds of force per tackle. That's comparable to being kicked by a horse more than 200 times.

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