Jason Garrett 'talked about thought process' behind OT punt with Jerry Jones

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October 08, 2018, 5:56 PM

FRISCO, Texas -- At the day-after analysis of the Dallas Cowboys' 19-16 overtime loss to the Houston Texans, coach Jason Garrett on Monday explained his decision to punt on the first possession of overtime to owner and general manager Jerry Jones.

After the game, Jones was critical of the decision to punt at the Houston 42 since the Cowboys did not regain possession and lost on a 36-yard field goal by Ka'imi Fairbairn with 1:50 to play in overtime.

"We were being outplayed there, not out-efforted but we were outplayed," Jones said Sunday. "But it's time for risk at that particular time. That's not second-guessing, but we were taking some risk too at certain points in the game."

After the game, Garrett defended the decision because he was relying on a defense that forced three punts, created two turnovers and gave up just two field goals in the second half. On Monday, Garrett relayed the message to Jones during their Monday meeting.

"We talked about the thought process behind that and why we made the decision like that based on how we were playing on defense in particular and what the details of the circumstances were," Garrett said.

While Jones said he was not second-guessing the decision, the comment resonated with a fan base that wanted Garrett to go for it. Since quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott joined the organization in 2016, the Cowboys have converted on 18 of 19 fourth-and-1 situations, including one earlier in the Houston game.

Ten of Elliott's 20 runs against the Texans went for no yards or loss yards, which played a factor in the decision. After the first quarter, Prescott threw for 111 yards and his receivers struggled making contested catches.

"I think the reasoning is the same. We've been aggressive going for it on fourth down. That's been a good thing for us," Garrett said. "But not every fourth-down situation is the same. I think we're on the 42-yard line. It was a long 1. I was standing right there. So it was probably a hard and a half when we had it. We had a play that we liked. Unfortunately, they did a good job coming in and stuffing that. Actually we probably lost a little bit on the third-down play, so it got you to fourth and really kind of close to 2 ... It just made sense to us, to me at that time, to go ahead and play field position.

On Monday, Garrett was asked if he still felt supported by Jones and offered a one-word answer: yes.

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