Matthew Stafford: Injured finger is not affecting play

— -- ALLEN PARK, Mich. --  Matthew Stafford reiterated Tuesday that the dislocation to his right middle finger is not hampering him, despite a drop in his statistics and the Detroit Lions going 1-3 since the injury.

Instead, the quarterback continues to focus on decisions he's making. The injured digit, he said, doesn't play much of a factor.

"I don't think it really does, honestly," Stafford said. "I feel pretty solid with it. Obviously have to make some changes, but nothing drastic."

Stafford and the Lions are preparing to face the Seattle Seahawks in a playoff game on Saturday night.

Stafford wouldn't go into specifics about what changes he has made, other than wearing a glove and splint for practices and games. He said he can't yet experiment with throwing without the glove and splint.

He said there is no difference for him in deep throws versus short-to-intermediate throws, although he has appeared to have taken more deep shots over the past three weeks.

"He's in the mode where he's gotten a good feel for what he's doing with the apparatus," Lions coach Jim Caldwell said of Stafford and the glove. "Whether or not he's continually experimenting with some things, I'm not certain of.

"But he practices pretty much the way in which he feels most comfortable. He'll go into ballgames that way as well."

Stafford was wearing the glove in practice Tuesday. He was not listed on the Lions' injury report. It's the first time since he sustained the injury in Week 14 that he hasn't been listed on the report.

During his four games with the glove, Stafford has not completed more than 63.4 percent of his passes in a game. He completed 66 percent of his passes during the four games that preceded the injury.

He threw for three touchdowns and five interceptions during the final four games of the regular season.