NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to fine Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

— -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to fine Jerry Jones millions of dollars as a result of the Dallas Cowboys owner's public feud with the league last year, according to the New York Times.

Jones clashed with Goodell and the league on multiple issues in 2017. Jones was a vocal advocate of delaying a contract extension for Goodell and proposed on Dec. 1 to implement a six-month moratorium on finalizing the deal. Jones also threatened to sue the league if the compensation committee approved Goodell's extension and was publicly critical of star running back Ezekiel Elliott's six-game suspension.

The Times reported Monday that the punishment will come down in the coming weeks and that Goodell will cite Jones' actions as detrimental to the league.

The league will order Jones to pay all fees that the competition committee incurred while legally defending itself from the longtime Cowboys owner, according to the Times. The newspaper also reports that Jones will have to compensate the NFL for all its legal fees spent defending the Elliott suspension.

The league and the Cowboys did not offer a comment when contacted by the Times, which cited five league officials as sources in its report.