NFL doesn't want mediator in talks with players on social issues, league spokesman says

— -- NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said Tuesday during a conference call that the league doesn't feel the need to have a third party mediate discussions with the players on social issues.

Lockhart said "the real strength" of the dialogue with players "is that it is direct" between commissioner Roger Goodell, the group of owners, NFL vice president Troy Vincent and the group of players on how to use the league's platform to help issues with social justice, equality and criminal justice reform.

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Eric Reid tweeted Monday that the players had requested mediation in their talks with the owners and that Colin Kaepernick would attend.

A source told ESPN's Adam Schefter on Sunday that the players had requested a meeting date of Nov. 13.

Lockhart said there is ongoing communication on a daily basis, but no formal sit-down has been scheduled at this point. Direct communication with the players is the "right way to go" instead of having a mediator, Lockhart said.

Lockhart said that the league would welcome Kaepernick's participation, but the league isn't in the business of inviting players to the meetings.

"If he wants to talk to us, he's welcome to express that to us," Lockhart said.