NFL team flagged Johnny Manziel for elbow tendinitis

— -- Johnny Manziel's mystery elbow injury wasn't surprising to everyone in the league.

One NFL team flagged Manziel with tendinitis in his throwing elbow -- commonly known as tennis elbow or golfer's elbow -- leading up to the 2014 NFL draft, according to a source with direct knowledge of that team's draft evaluations.

An official from a separate team closely evaluating quarterbacks in that year's draft said elbow tendinitis was not a part of its Manziel file. Teams have their own medical doctors that can produce different results during pre-draft player evaluations.

When asked recently whether the Browns knew about the elbow before the draft, Pettine said, "I am sure there was something in the medical reports about it, but it had been managed. I think it just got to the point where it flared up."

Manziel will miss his second straight preseason game Thursday at Chicago while managing elbow soreness that Browns coach Mike Pettine says dates back to high school. Pettine did not specify the nature of the injury but said an MRI came back negative.

Team medical reports often include details not available to the general public or media.

With elbow tendinitis, repetitive motions can strain the elbow muscles and swell the tendons, according to various online medical journals. The tendinitis should heal on its own with rest but can require surgery in the rare case the tendon ruptures. Ice, an elbow strap and anti-inflammatories can help in recovery.

Josh McCown is the Browns' unquestioned starter for Week 1, but Manziel made things interesting on Aug. 20 with a 10-of-18 performance for 118 yards and a touchdown against the  Buffalo Bills. He hasn't played since and will miss the rest of the preseason.

Manziel is an avid golfer who played frequently after being released from a rehab facility in early April. It's unknown whether golf worsened the injury.

ESPN Staff Writer Pat McManamon contributed to this report.