Ohio State Fan's Reaction During Sugar Bowl Goes Viral

Vine now has more than 29 million views.

— -- In less than 24 hours, a six-second Vine of the fourth quarter between Ohio State and Alabama on Thursday night has been viewed more than 29 million times.


It's not because of anything that happened during the Sugar Bowl on ESPN, but rather that of an Ohio State fan in the stands.

The Vine video has more than 29 million "loops" while 23,000 Vine users have "liked" it.

The woman is unidentified in the ESPN video, but Gawker and some social media users claim that the woman is simply patting or caressing her boyfriend.

Appearing engrossed in the game or the score, she looks to be stroking the hair of a fellow male fan, then abruptly stops and brings her hand to her face.

Is she scratching an itch or is she simply lost in her thoughts and not thinking of the last moments before the end of the game?

More than 4,200 people have commented on Reddit about the video, making it among the sites top shared items.

One user reversed the video:

Ohio State is looking for its first national title since 2002.