How Olympians Are Coping With Fog in Sochi

PHOTO: Sara Studebaker posted this photo to Facebook, "Too foggy for biathlon, but we had a fun morning anyway!"Play@SaraStudebaker
WATCH Weather Cancels Two Events in Sochi

Heavy fog has descended upon the mountains around Sochi, leading to several canceled or postponed Olympic events and athletes with some free time on their hands.

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U.S. snowboarder Nick Baumgartner was geared up and ready to go when he posted a video after his snowboard cross event was delayed.

The event was eventually canceled. Baumgartner said he didn't get too amped up ahead of time and that he's all right waiting another day if it means avoiding injuries.

"It will be fine tomorrow," he said. "It will be the same old thing. Go up, to have some fun. Once I get into the gate - it's game time."

Will it be fine tomorrow?

The fog is getting worse. Russian media reports it may linger for the next two days.

Another American snowboarder, Alex Deibold, provided some insight onto how Sochi organizers were trying to fight the fog.

Deibold called the decision to hold off on his event "a blessing" that gave him additional time to heal after he was injured during training.

"It was the right decision, as it is not safe. Of course it is disappointing as you have to wait again," he said. "It is not the first time this happens. The best is to stay dry and warm and be prepared to go out."

Organizers first canceled seeding runs for a men's snowboard cross event that was scheduled to be held today. They then postponed today's men's biathlon events.

Keri Herman, an American freeskier, weighed in on the weather.