Ronda Rousey Gladly Accepts Invite To Marine Corps Ball

— -- When Ronda Rousey's fight against Holly Holm was moved up to Nov. 14, her schedule freed up for a date.

Rousey, in a video posted by TMZ, accepted an invite to the Marine Corps Ball when one of her biggest fans, Jarrod Haschert, a Marine stationed in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, sent her an invite in a video posted to Facebook that had been seen more than 4.8 million times.

"You are my celebrity crush, like, I love everything you do and I think that you are a phenomenal person," Haschert said in his video, "which is why it would be my honor to take you to the Marine Corps Ball on December 11th. I really hope this doesn't get in the way of your training ... but I hope you take this in consideration, because if you do, you will truly be making my dream come true."

Rousey saw the video and told TMZ she would gladly accept the invite, but didn't have a way of getting in contact with him.

"Do I call him, do I set up a time and place like 'Never Been Kissed' and just show up and have him waiting there?" Rousey said.

If anyone was wondering, Haschert, 22, is her type -- "Yeah, he's cute," Rousey, 28, said -- but he won't be able to treat Rousey like a "Do nothing b----", that's for sure.

"He's gotta be a gentleman," Rousey said. "I'm not a first-date kind of girl, but we'll see when I meet him."