Shaun White crashes prom

May 4, 2014, 2:43 PM

— -- Shaun White superfan Carly Monzo's "GoProM" video proposal was enough to lure White -- and his band, Bad Things -- to the Mount Saint Joseph Academy prom on Friday at Whitemarsh Valley Country Club in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania.

After learning from interviews that White had never been to his own prom, Monzo -- a senior at the all-girls Catholic school -- posted the video to Vimeo last month, using Bad Things music as the soundtrack and asking him to be her date for hers.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, My name is Carly Monzo, but I'm sure you had no clue. I'm currently a senior @ an all girls school. So when it comes to dates there's no boy pool," Munzo wrote in a poem for the video. "I have a six-foot rule & I know you're 5'9" but I can overlook that 'cuz DAMN you're FINE."

White was sufficiently wooed. On Friday he posted a photo to Instagram of himself adjusting his bow tie, with the note, "Hey @carlymonzo #promcrashers #badthings."

The big curtain reveal didn't happen until during the prom, when the dean of students called Monzo's name before a surprise Bad Things performance. By then Monzo had already found another date, who was reportedly a good sport about the whole thing even when White gave Monzo a kiss on the cheek. Later, White posted a photo of himself playing guitar with the band, with Monzo dancing behind him. The school has also released a photo of Monzo and White posing in the prom photo booth.