MLB: We Lost $519M Last Year

ByABC News
December 6, 2001, 4:38 AM

Dec. 6 -- Baseball had an operating loss of $232 million this year,including a major league-leading $52.9 million by the Toronto BlueJays, according to a report that will be given to Congress today.

While the Arizona Diamondbacks were a success on the field,winning the World Series in just their fourth season, they were abottom-line bust, with an operating loss of $32.2 million,according to the report, obtained Wednesday night by The AssociatedPress.

That was the third-highest operating loss in baseball, trailingonly Toronto and Los Angeles ($45.3 million).

The report also showed an additional loss for all teams of $112 million ininterest costs, which includes borrowing to fund team's paymentsfor new ballparks.