Earnhardt Widow Files Lawsuit

Teresa Earnhardt, the widow of late NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Sr., has filed suit against the Volusia County medical examiner for releasing photos of her husband on the county Web site and through the media.

In her lawsuit, Teresa Earnhardt is asking for an injunction to prevent the further publication of any autopsy drawings or photos of her late husband or his wrecked car.

A spokesman for the county says the material was released to the media only after they had consulted with their attorneys.

Earnhardt fans seem to support his widow, and are in favor of the suit.

Dale Earnhardt's death in a final-lap crash in last Sunday's Daytona 500 sent shockwaves through the race car driving world. Considered one of NASCAR's best drivers, Earnhardt was mourned by thousands of fans and fellow drivers who turned out to pay tributes to him in memorial services during the week.

Earnhardt, dubbed "The Intimidator," on the racing circuit, was known for his aggressive racing tactics. The stock car racing champion's death has ignited debate over the need for additional safety equipment for drivers in NASCAR races.

Reports that Earnhardt's seat belt was found to have been broken after his crash at the Daytona event, have sparked questions over whether Earnhardt could have survived the wreck.