For Super Bowl LII, Boston Markets in Philadelphia change names to 'Philly Market'

Boston Markets in Philadelphia are changing their names for Super Bowl LII.

This past weekend, banners hung from Boston Markets around the city with the signage.

"Best sign ever!" shouted a man and a woman who stopped by a Boston Market to take a photo.

"We've been busy all day," said Alfred Vasquez, a Boston Market employee told Philadelphia ABC station WPVI. "I think it is because of the sign. I think it’s the Eagles. People are proud, fans are proud, the city is proud. It’s a good thing.”

Boston Market, which is headquartered in Golden, Colorado, says even though it doesn't have a rooting interest, it appreciates the fandom by its franchises in Philadelphia.

"We at Boston Market fully support the passion, enthusiasm and hometown pride demonstrated by our team members in Philadelphia," the company said in a statement.

The buildup to the game -- which is a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX -- has energized both fan bases. In Philadelphia, fans of the underdogs have dyed their beards green. Up north, some parts of the Boston shore have banned Philly cream cheese.

"We gotta show support for our team," Eagles fan Brian Flores told WPVI. "That’s the only way we can support them is showing so much love.”