Super Bowl Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor

Seattle or Denver? The Super Bowl is bringing out fans' creativity.

January 31, 2014, 3:28 AM

Jan. 31, 2014— -- The countdown is on, with Super Bowl weekend quickly approaching.

Sunday’s game pits the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks – and fans across the country are showing their allegiance. Some fans are even clipping team logos into their dogs' fur.

In Chandler, Ariz., it’s not just Peyton Manning versus Russell Wilson. It’s neighbor versus neighbor, with mural-creator Ashtin Fitzwater painting a Seahawks logo on his front lawn.

The artwork is getting support, but not from Fitzwater's next-door neighbors, who displayed a Denver flag outside their house in opposition.

But the reaction's been mostly positive.

"A couple of cars have screeched to a halt, lots of laughs, a lot of 'Go Seahawks,'" Fitzwater said.

The faceoff is also happening online. The website measures nightly tweets. The team with the most tweets gets a colorful tribute on the Empire State Building. The Seahawks won on the first two days, while Denver won on day 3.

Day 4 belonged to the Seahawks.

Three nights remain in the contest, a lead-up to Super Bowl XLVIII.

But it’s not just about the heated competition. One thoughtful son, Mike Harris, posted a tearful video online showing the moment he gave his Seahawks-loving mom tickets to the big game.

“We’re going to the Super Bowl mom,” he told her.

“How can this happen?” she asked, overcome with emotion.

This weekend involves more than just the game. Musician Bruno Mars, who’s performing the halftime show, spoke about his excitement – and plans for his concert – during a Thursday press conference.

“When we got the phone call, they were like ‘hey, we love to raise the stakes, and you can have another artist there with you,’” Mars said. “And the first band I thought of was the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, so it’s an honor to be sharing the stage with them.”

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