Tom Brady goes over 1,000 career rushing yards in 19th season

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Not known for his scrambling ability, and often losing yards due to frequent game-ending kneel-downs, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady finally reached a milestone he has had joked about several times this season: 1,000 rushing yards.

Brady hit the mark with a 5-yard scramble in the first quarter of Sunday's home game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Brady's run came on a third-and-3 play, and he slid at the end of it, before signaling first down from the ground.

According to ESPN Stats & Information research, the 41-year-old entered play Sunday having lost 160 rushing yards to kneel-downs since 2006, the year plays began being classified as "kneels."

Brady has been close to hitting the 1,000-yard mark since the middle of the season, saying in early November, "I've kind of inched along there for a long time. It really hasn't been a part of my game."

When asked the running play he's most proud of, he picked a 1-yard touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens in the 2011 AFC Championship Game.

"Ray Lewis put his helmet right in the middle of my back. That was probably the one I remember the most, because it probably hurt the most."