Williams can thrive with Seahawks

— -- Pro Football Focus will be providing analysis for every major NFL signing and trade during the 2015 free-agency period, accounting primarily for the quality of the player and his fit with his new team and focusing less on the financial terms of the deal.

Here is the grade for the reported deal between Cary Williams and the Seattle Seahawks, which cannot become official until Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET.

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Seattle Seahawks: B

If one destination can play to Williams' strengths, it's Seattle. He will slot into Byron Maxwell's vacated spot at right cornerback and get the kind of help from that defense that Maxwell enjoyed.

Williams' time in Philadelphia was something of a letdown, given what it expected him to be; in 2014, he surrendered five touchdowns and 757 receiving yards. However, he has shown the ability to make plays in coverage and ended the year with a positive PFF coverage grade of plus-0.9, despite those negatives.

With Richard Sherman in Seattle, the Seahawks have the ability to lean help in Williams' direction, and free safety Earl Thomas represents a serious amount of help. Their scheme encourages the kind of physicality in coverage that Williams is most comfortable with, and he has all the athleticism needed to perform well in that system. Don't be surprised if he ends up having a pretty solid-looking season in one of the best defensive back situations in the NFL.