Winter Olympics 2014: Meet the College Student Who Says He's Behind @SochiProblems

@SochiProblems has become a viral hit on Twitter.

Feb. 8, 2014— -- Alexander Broad, 20, a journalism major at Centennial College in Toronto says he's the mastermind behind the @SochiProblems Twitter account, which has become a hot topic during the early start of 2014 Winter Olympics.

The Twitter account highlights the many problems plaguing the Olympics, such as the subpar accommodations, unfinished venues and what appeared to be dirty drinking water at a hotel in Sochi.

Sochi Problems Now Have a Home on Twitter

@SochiProblems currently has more than 300,000 followers, while the official Sochi Twitter account promoting the Olympics has more than 193,000. Broad said his new-found fame is "mind-boggling" to him because as a budding journalist, he's always the one talking to the newsmakers. But now, he's the news.

"It doesn't seem real to me," Broad told in a telephone interview.

So how did this ingenious idea come about? No, it wasn't something Broad planned for months. Instead, the idea came to him during a slow journalism day in class at Centennial College and he launched the project Feb 4.

Broad, a resident of Pickering, Ontario, said he would have been fine with 15 Twitter followers, but that number was quickly surpassed.

"You never see parody Twitter accounts jump thousands in days," Broad said.

Broad decided to step out from behind the Twitter shadows and reveal he was behind the popular Twitter handle in a post on the Toronto Observer, a student publication at Centennial College.

Broad said he is fine with his name being out there and thinks it can help his career in the future.

"Me being a journalist, it gets my name out there," he said.

@SochiProblems will in all likelihood continue to grow in popularity as the Olympics play out in Sochi, but back in Canada, Broad is unsure of the Twitter account's future after the event is over.

"I've given it thought and I'm stumped," he said.

Here's a sampling of some of the best tweets: