Young Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Fan Gets Redemption After Man Steals Puck

Hockey fans jeered after a man swiped a puck from a little boy.

— -- A young Pittsburgh Penguins fan experienced the ultimate redemption after an adult fan swiped a puck intended for him.

Trey Dopson, 8, of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, was ready to catch a puck on Thursday thrown by Buffalo Sabres coach -- and former Penguins coach -- Dan Bylsma. But a man seated nearby snatched it before the elementary school student could catch it.

The third-grader told ABC News that he knew the puck was intended for him because Bylsma looked and pointed at him.

"I almost caught the puck, but then this guy comes over, snags it, puts it behind his back, then he looks at me, smiles at me, then he goes back to his seat," Dopson told ABC affiliate WTAE-TV.

The moment, caught on television, stirred the crowd to jeer the other fan, who wouldn't give up the puck.

"I felt maybe ashamed a little for him that it turned out bad for him," Dopson told ABC News. "I felt a little bad in a way."

Penguins' staff took note and tweeted, "For everyone tweeting us about the little kid who just got the puck snatched away, we're on it - don't you worry."

The Penguins' mascot Iceburgh later surprised Dopson with a jersey of Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and two pucks.

"He walked down the steps and he had the jersey," Dopson said of the mascot. "I thought someone had won it from the raffle, but he came straight into my section and gives me the jersey. I had a huge smile on my face and it's just unexplainable."

Dopson said he wants to thank "Coach Bylsma and the Penguins."

A hockey player for four years, Dopson said he wants to frame his gifts in his room, along with the other Penguins hockey sticks and memorabilia he has.