High-Tech Gifts for Your Special Geek

Got a tech-savvy sweetie? We've got some gift ideas for you.

ByABC News
February 11, 2009, 7:27 PM

Feb. 12, 2009— -- Chocolates, red roses and Hallmark cards. If that's the best idea you've got for gifts this Valentine's Day, you should keep reading.

We've compiled a list of the best gadget gift ideas for the modern, tech-savvy couple. The best part about these high-tech presents? You'll actually use them (and some of them are even pink.)

Kindle 2

"O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?" If you don't have the words to confess your undying love to your Valentine, let the literary greats do the writing for you this year.

Check out the new edition of Amazon's Kindle.

Packed full of the great love stories of all time, this could be the perfect gift to kindle your Valentine's Day romance.

This eagerly anticipated digital collection of everything you could ever want to read is the size of a light paperback and holds more than 1,500 books. The Kindle 2 -- a newer, slicker version of the Kindle that holds more information -- will be released Feb. 24 for $359, but it's available for pre-order now. Don't wait too long to get in line for this techno-phenomenon for your Romeo or Juliet.

Vibrating Alarm Clocks, for One

Do you get woken up every morning not once, but twice, thanks to your significant other's early alarm? Then why not give a gift that benefits both of you? These clever alarm clocks won't make a sound when your partner gets up early; they'll just vibrate silently on the wrist -- a slightly less intrusive wake-up call for the early birds among us.

Timex makes one version, available on Amazon for $49.99. They come in a variety of choices -- high and low end, for women and men alike.

Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camera

In the world of YouTube, you can bet that shooting your own video is getting easier, faster and cuter -- especially around Valentine's Day. Kodak's Zi6 Pocket Video Camera shoots in HD, has a built-in USB for easy-uploading, holds 32 GB worth of video and is smaller than your wallet.

Even better, it comes in both pink and red and makes for a Valentine's present that you'll have more fun with than your usual box of chocolates.

Kodak.com sells the Zi6 for $179.95, but you can usually find them for a little less on Amazon.

In a long-distance relationship? We haven't forgotten about those of you who spend unreasonable amounts of time on trains, planes and buses going to and from your loved one. Nothing says "I miss you" like an iPod in the the official color of Valentine's Day. The good people at Apple recently added Valentine's pink to their collection, just in time for you to treat your sweetheart to a bright new accessory… which happens to hold 8GB worth of your favorite love songs to listen to on their way to visit you.

Apple.com offers the new edition for $199; prices on Amazon start at $136.29.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

What better complement to a Valentine's Day iPod than headphones that will cancel out all of that engine noise while traveling? Noise-canceling headphones will make the plane, train or bus ride a lot more relaxing, even if seeing your special someone at the other end is what makes it worth the trip.

Prices range all over the place on these. Check out Sony's MDR-NC500D Digital Noise-Canceling Headphones for $399.99 on Amazon, or the Samsung Pleomax PHS-7000 Crystal version, for $23.17.

Now that photo albums (and printed photos) are officially passé, a digital picture frame could be the perfect way to capture your love story for your sweetheart, in high-definition images come Saturday. Pack it full of your memories together, in digital photo form, and they'll rotate across the screen for your special someone, 24/7. Who needs one print when you could give her a lifetime's worth?

You can find a wide range of digital picture frames on Amazon for $74.99 from Philips. It features a 6.5-inch screen and 14GBs' worth of space for photos that you can upload straight from your camera. Matsunichi makes another 7-inch version, offered for $36.99 on Amazon right now.

'MySky' Guided Tour of the Stars

Nothing is more romantic than lying on your back with your special someone and gazing up at the stars. What could make that even better? If you knew what it is that you were gazing at.

If you point Meade's MySky Plus up at the sky, it'll guide you through the starry night, locating just about any star, constellation, planet or satellite that is burning bright above you.

MySky runs for $199 on Meade.com and can also be found on Amazon.