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Twitter bug, Iron Man 2 review, What the Quack.

Twitter Bug

"Iron Man 2" Review

"The graphics are better, the storyline is tied into the movie. It uses a lot of the same characters, but it's not the same plot, so you don't have to worry about playing the game and then seeing the movie and having the plot spoiled for you," said Ackerman. "At the same time, this is still a movie tie-in. It's not gonna have quite the same level of polish and sophistication as a big mainstream, AAA video game. That said, if you're looking at video game movie tie-ins, this is certainly one of the better examples we've seen this year." "Iron Man 2" is available for all the major gaming consoles.

What the Quack

There is a high-tech device that could clean up your act. A grad student at NYU has developed "What the Quack". It's a duck-shaped USB device that plugs into your computer and replaces swear words with the word "quack." The idea is to prevent you from typing something that will get you in trouble.

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