TechBytes: Facebook Privacy

Android Phone Review, Logitech's Google TV Companion Box

Oct. 7, 2010— -- Facebook is unveiling new features to help give users better control of their privacy. One feature lets users identify specific groups of friends, and select who gets to see their information.

Android Phones

The Neilsen Company says Android is now the top-selling smartphone operating system in the US. Sam Grobart of the New York Times says Androids work with all major carriers and the phones have something for everyone.

"Android phones are good because they have a large community of developers who are coming up with new apps for them," Grobart said. "The platform is open, that means that anybody can go in and start to mess around with it and create new things."

Logitech Google TV

Logitech has unveiled the companion box for Google TV. It's called the Logitech Revue. It brings television and Internet content together in a single interface, so viewers can watch TV, surf the web and play games all on one screen.

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