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Google is speeding up searches with its roll out Google Instant this week. The feature displays search results as soon as you start typing. For example, type "a" and results for AOL come up. Add a "b" and you'll get ABC. Google expects Instant to save users two to five seconds on every search.

Nike's New App

Nike has released a new app for the iPhone. Nike+GPS tracks your pace, distance and route, and plots it on a map. There's also a "Challenge Me" feature designed to push you to go farther, faster or longer than previous runs, and a way to get feedback during your run. The app costs $2.

Google InstantPlay
'Google Instant'

Facebook in Your Car

Can't get enough of Facebook? You may soon be able to update your status messages while driving. GM is testing voice command software that would let drivers update and listen to messages. GM says it won't roll out the feature until it's sure it won't distract drivers.

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