TechBytes: Google Phone vs. iPhone

Apple tablet rumors, cloud computing and motion control for video games.

Jan. 1, 2010— -- Apple developed the gold standard of smartphones with the iPhone, but the competition may finally be ready to close the gap in 2010. Google may be the best bet with a bunch of phones on the market running its Android operating system and dozens more expected this year. The biggest winner, however, could be a true Google phone. The company is expected to unveil its own branded phone next week.

Tablet Time?

Rumors of a tablet computer could become reality this year. A company called Fusion Garage has already released a version called the JooJoo, but the tech world is anxiously waiting for Apple to enter the market. The web has been atwitter with speculation that the company will soon intrduce a tablet, perrhaps something like a larger iPhone. This could finally be the year.

Living in the Cloud

2010 could be the year more of us start living in the cloud. Cloud computing is the popular term for storing documents, music, photos and other digital content online. Apple's recent purchase of the streaming music website has people speculating that the next big move for iTunes is into the cloud. Many expect Apple to introduce a service that lets you stream an unlimited amount of music online, similar to a limitless jukebox that follows you wherever you go. The benefits would be you would never have to download a song again.

Wii Rivals Swing Back

The Nintendo Wii revolutionized the video game industry, but this is the year Microsoft and Sony are expected to swing back. They're planning to introduce new motion controllers for the XBox and PlayStation. The XBox will do away with a remote control entirely and use a camera that captures your every punch, kick, twist and turn. Sony will more closely match what the Wii offers with a similar wand-like remote.

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