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VIDEO: The new site hopes to bridge the gap between internet and television

A new Web site called will help you find TV episodes, movies and music videos that are already on the Web, helping you bridge the gap between web surfing and channel surfing. The Web site links users to tens of thousands of videos on free and paid sites such as Hulu and Netflix. Clicker even has some features you would find on a DVR, including new episode alerts and season passes.

YouTube Upgrade

YouTube will soon support the same high-resolution video that can be seen on HDTV's. Starting next week, the video sharing site will support the full high-definition format known as 1080p. Video uploads will still have a 10-minute time limit.

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Future of Touch Computers

Apple helped make touch screens popular on cell phones. Now Microsoft is trying to make them mainstream on your PC. The technology is built in to the newest version of Windows for touch-capable computers. But USA Today's Ed Baig says the mouse and keyboard aren't going anywhere.

Touch "can augment the mouse and keyboard and frankly touch is kind of fun to have," Baig said. "It definitely takes some getting used to, it's not for everybody. I think touch is welcome technology that's really still in the early stages. It's going to be here to stay."

You can read Baig's column at

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Galaxy Dress

Two London-based designers have created a dress that can really light up a room. It's made with 24,000 LED lights. It's called the Galaxy Dress and the designers claim it's the largest wearable display in the world. It's powered by many tiny iPod batteries and can stay lit up for about an hour. The designers say it's energy efficient, too. All the lights consume about the same electricity as two household bulbs. It's on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

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