TechBytes: iPhone 4 Specs

Tablets vs. netbooks, World Cup 3-D, what to wear.

June 18, 2010— -- Just revealed technical details of the newest iPhone show that it twice as much memory as the current iPhone and even the iPad. That means the iPhone4 will be able to run much faster and smoother than those devices, and handle bigger tasks. It will certainly help support multi-tasking, one of the biggest new features on the iPhone. It also explains why the new iMovie app that lets users edit video only works on the iPhone 4.

Tablets vs. Netbooks

World Cup in 3-D

"I don't want to paint this picture like 3-D is all wonderful. Some of the views, in fact, don't look dramatically different than the 2-D view that you'd get," Baig said. "But when you do have 3-D, especially from a sideline perspective or behind the net, a corner kick in soccer, you get this depth of vision that really does put you right in the middle of the action." One drawback is price. The TV sets are expensive, plus you have to buy the glasses. Ed's full review is available on

What to Wea

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