TechBytes: Jambox Wireless Speaker

First smart phones powered by the new Windows Phone 7 software to go on sale.

Nov. 5, 2010— -- There's a new way to listen to your music on the go. The Jambox is a new wireless stereo speaker. The palm-sized, 12-ounce speaker works with smart phones, computers, iPods and other Bluetooth devices. It also works as a speaker phone. The Jambox goes on sale later this month for $199.

Windows Phone 7

"The good news is they really have designed something fresh, different, something that really keeps them in the game in mobile," Baig said. "The bad news, there's still a bunch of missing. They're still going to be doing catch up compared to those main rivals, Apple's iPhone and all those Android devices based on Google's mobile operating system."

There will be three different models running Windows Phone 7 available Monday; two for AT&T, one for T-Mobile.

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