TechBytes: Microsoft Unveils Kinect

Michael Jackson game, Blackberry Tablet, virtual Vuvuzelas.

June 15, 2010— -- Microsoft is taking aim at the Wii. The company unveiled Kinect, its new motion-controlled gaming system for the Xbox 360, at the E3 Video Game Conference in Los Angeles. Kinect makes the player the controller, allowing a person to play games without a handheld remote or even without pressing a button. CNET's Dan Ackerman explains how it works.

"It's a webcam the plugs into your Xbox 360 console and it uses multiple cameras and mulitple microphones to track your body in 3-D space," Ackerman said. "Then you can use it to either play games or control the media functions on the Xbox."

Kinect goes on sale November 4th. Microsoft did not reveal the suggested retail price.

Michael Jackson Game

Blackberry Tablet?

Virtual Vuvuzelas

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