Twitter is getting a makeover. The site is being split into two panels to make it easier for users to check out photos and videos. The left side will remain devoted to the 90 million tweets posted on Twitter every day, while the right side will features photos and videos. Twitter hopes the design will keep users on the site longer, though some observers say this will also open up advertising possibilities. The new look rolls out over the next few days.

Google Social Features

Google is about to get more social, taking direct aim at Facebook. Google's CEO says the company will unveil social networking features this fall, although not one big product. The company plans to put "a social layer" into its online search, video and mapping products.

Games and Decisions

There's new evidence that playing video games can be good for you. A study finds gamers who play action titles, particularly shooters, are better at making quick, accurate decisions. They say the unpredictability of the games is probably a factor in how quickly players can make decisions.

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