TechBytes: Windows Phone 7 Expectations

Wii Party reviewed.

Oct. 12, 2010— -- Microsoft's highly-anticipatedWindows Phone 7 operating system will be in stores November 8. The system works with nine separate phone models. Phone 7 divides categories such as contacts, MS office and games into hubs, making them easily accessible from the touchscreen. AT&T is initially offering three of the phones for $200 each.

Wii Party

If you're looking to have fun with the entire family, you may want to try out Wii Party. It's set up to look like a board game, similar to the game of life. Players advance by testing their skills at 80 different minigames within the Wii Party game.

"The way you move forward is you win all these minigames" said USA Today's Mike Snider, "everything from hiding a Wii remote and playing hide and seek with it to a really cute animal-sounds game." Up to four people can play Wii Party at one time.

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