TechBytes: Facebook Messaging

NBA Jam reviewed.

Nov. 16, 2010— -- Facebook unveiled a new messaging system Monday. It's designed to be more like an ongoing conversation, incorporating e-mail, texts and IM chats in one social inbox. All the messages are organized by sender. The new service will be rolled out in the coming months.

NBA Jam Review

Paul Ulane of Sports Illustrated says it's all about having a good time."Too many sports titles are now about being realistic. This is more just about having fun, trash talking with your friends. It's totally unrealistic, you jump 30 feet in the air and do 360 dunks. You break backboards," Ullane said. "It's real simple. It's not about strategy. All that stuff goes out the window. It's just about beating your friends and having a good time." The game is already available for the Wii.

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