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Receives and records new MPEG-4 AVC programming, including 11 HD channels not available on older receivers; dual-output mode for secondary TV; can record up to three HD shows simultaneously; 30-second commercial skip; excellently designed, highly customizable interface; search function includes history; superb remote; impressive image quality; USB port enables connections to portable media players and future devices. Expensive; frequent bugs and occasional crashes; generally lighter selection of local HD and sports channels than cable; annoying interstitial PPV page; no "jumpback" on fast-forward scans; defaults to "all episodes" for EPG-initiated recordings. Despite its operational issues, the Dish Network ViP622 is the most fully featured, versatile, and future-ready high-def DVR you can buy today.∂=abcnews

10-Apr-2006 02:10 PM PDT

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