TomTom 920 GPS Finds Cheapest Gas

GPS makes for a smart parents' day gift.


May 7, 2008 — -- Mom and Dad were always there to direct you through life, so why not help them navigate the road and save a little gas money at the same time?

GPS devices are like magical speaking navigators for the drivers who use them. They use satellite positioning to direct you to your destination, eliminating the need for maps or hand-written directions.

TomTom has always been one of the most innovative producers of GPS devices, with features such as real-time traffic and construction updates and celebrity voices like Mr. T to guide you along your way. Nobody has to ask "Are we there yet?" because the TomTom will let you know down to the fraction of a mile and minute. It's often more accurate than your airline.

The new TomTom 920 not only provides the driver with the quickest, most direct route to a desired location, but it also locates points of interest along the way, including the cheapest gas stations within a 30-mile radius — saving your folks gas, time and money. Now that's a feature worthy of making any parent gush about their child's thoughtful gift.

With the 920, no set-up is necessary. Stick the unit to your windshield, power it up and you are ready to go. Another nifty feature is "Enhanced Positioning Technology," which will estimate your location for the few times your car is being blocked from the view of the satellites by tunnels or large buildings.

Priced from $350 to $400, the 920 has a very easy-to-read, wide 4.3-inch color screen. It also allows you to speak the address of your destination and is Bluetooth and RDS-TMC traffic compatible. It comes with maps of the United States, Canada, Western Europe and Central Europe.

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