Google Doodle Celebrates Thanksgiving With Animal Jamboree

PHOTO: Google goes to the woods to celebrate Thanksgiving in todays Google Doodle. Google
Google goes to the woods to celebrate Thanksgiving in today's Google Doodle.

It wouldn't be a holiday if there weren't a Google Doodle. While previous years have focused on parade floats, hand turkey drawings and meals crafted by celebrity chef Ina Garten, this year's doodle is decidedly an animal affair.

The story of the animal's Thanksgiving feast resembles the children's musical tale "Peter and the Wolf," with each animal represented by a different instrument. But unlike Sergei Prokofiev's orchestrated work, Google went with pure Americana for its inspiration.

"The tune is 'The 28th of January,' which has been passed down through generations of American fiddlers," said Sophie Diao, the artist and animator behind today's Doodle. "This particular iteration was performed by the Hillbillies from Mars." Diao also includes a peek behind the scenes at what goes into a Doodle, including some rough sketches and storyboards.

Google Doodles are known for hiding the word Google in various objects. While Diao doesn't allude to it explicitly, the animals' Thanksgiving spread vaguely resembles the search engine's name. Those pies look suspiciously like double Os, don't you think?