5 Apps to Make You the Most Charming Person in the Room

How to make friends and influence people with these apps.

— -- Who needs charm school when you can download these apps?

Not everyone is born with charisma and panache, but the app for anything age is making it easier for you to fake it until you make it.

Here are five apps that can improve your existing relationships and maybe even help charm your way into new social circles.

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The awkward moment has happened to everyone: You meet someone at a social event and say "Nice to meet you." Then the person then reminds you that you've previously met.

Remembering names and little details is a sure-fire way to make friends and build relationships.

Humin, a free app which launches in the Apple app store on Aug. 14, allows users to capture the moment every time they meet someone new. Humin also stands out because it throws away the alphabetical list and instead lets users search the way they naturally think.

For instance: "Met on a flight to London" or "Met last week."


Foursquare's breakaway app, Swarm, takes the functionality of the check-in but makes it even easier for users to make impromptu plans with friends.

The "nearby plans" icon allows users to send a shout out to their friends to gauge interest in activities.

Not only is the function great for friends for a pick-up game of soccer, but it also makes it easy to plan a party.

If John writes, "Party at my place tonight. Let me know what you're bringing," friends can easily reply to the thread -- making event planning a breeze.

Swarm is available for iPhone and Android.


Money and friends don't go hand-in-hand, so having an app to accommodate financial transactions may do wonders to preserve your relationships.

There are a slew of options that are great for sharing expenses with friends, including Cover, Splitwise and Venmo.

PayPal, an online money transfer pioneer, also has a multi-functional app that allows users to split bills, chip in for gifts, pay back friends and even complete everyday retail transactions.

The app is free to download and is available for iPhone, Android and Windows devices.


Many great friendships start over a good drink. It doesn't hurt to have an app, that is more like a bartender's Bible, at your fingertips.

The Mixology app boasts more than 8,000 drink recipes, allowing users to search by ingredient, category, or for the adventurous, find a random recipe.

The app is available for iPhone and Android.

Heads Up!

If you're stuck on a train/plane/waiting room or are just at a really boring party, "Heads Up!" is a fast and easy way to lighten the mood.

One player holds the phone up to their forehead and tries to guess the word or person from clues other players give. When the person holding the phone guesses correctly, they tilt the phone down, and when they pass, they tilt it up.

The app is available for iPhone and Android devices.