How Astronauts Prepare for a Space Walk at the International Space Station

Two American astronauts are getting ready for a Friday space walk.

How does an astronaut prepare for a space walk? Practice.

Terry Virts, who will be taking the first space walk of his career on Friday, tweeted a photo of himself trying out the suit he'll use when he and Wilmore embark on their six-and-a-half hour space walk. It will be Wilmore's second space walk.

The duo will be working on new docking ports for future spacecraft that will arrive at the station. Friday's space walk is one of three that are scheduled to complete assembly work outside of the station.

Virts, who is one of the most active tweeters at the International Space Station, also shared a snap of himself hooked up to various health monitors doing a routine health check-in before his big day.

Periodic Fitness Evaluation- riding the bike with a heart rate monitor, EKG, and blood pressure machine hooked up